This morning (early) I was sitting at my desk area where I do my praying, journaling and then my art work, just like I do every morning. The area is a place where I plug in the headphones and listen to some meditation music (something with a droning background because I find that soothing) and write my morning pages. To be quite honest, they aren’t exactly morning pages anymore, but more of the things that I am grateful for and the things that touch my heart.
After I completed, my ‘official’ journaling, I started to write about this weeks prompt in the Journal52 art group that I belong to on Facebook. This weeks prompt is JUST BE, and I wanted to clarify in my head what that meant to me before I started thinking about the art page. Here is an excerpt from that:

    So what does “Just Be” mean to me? It makes me think about being mindful…to fully experience each moment. No thinking about the past. No thinking about the future. Just to notice what is going on in this moment that I am experiencing right now.

In this moment NOW, I am hearing the music play in my headphones and feeling (hearing?) a low level vibration from the furnace running. I feel the gentle warmth on my hand, from the lamp. 

I also feel a ‘bubble’ of light surrounding me. Yet I sense the darkness surrounding me right outside of the bubble. Not a “bad” darkness, just the sense that the light is emanating from me.

That was my AH HA! It was a feeling of security and comfort knowing that my joy of my “being-ness” was dependent upon nothing external, but that it shined from within.

So, I have my visual for my journal page. Now I just need to execute it!