I have been participating in Whitney Freya’s 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge Normally, I don’t participate in art challenges, because I get so distracted from my own path that I end up just dropping out. But, since this one is also a meditation challenge, which I DO, I thought perhaps it would work for me, and I am pleased to announce that it is!

Today was day 4 and the color is green and the chakra was the heart chakra. We only use tones of green to paint. I have been just allowing myself to be in the moment, and make marks on the page with no intention of design. Just letting it flow.heartchakra

This was today’s effort. It might not be much to look at to anyone except to me, but it is stunning in what knowledge that I gained from this.

When I was a little girl, my father told me that I should not “wear my heart on my sleeve.” All of my life, I have done this….I can’t NOT do it…and have borne the guilt and shame of that. Today…I realized, that there is no shame in that. My strength comes from Creation (as symbolized by the round shape and leaves in my painting) and when you have that kind of strength…you are “heart strong”. The lines, both straight and curved, I believe indicate my path….the path of putting my heart “out there.”

Thank you Whitney Freya…for teaching me that in the simplest of things….that I can find such deep meaning.