I have never considered myself as a person who is very good at praying. And in truth, until the past year or so, I have not done much of it other than the occasionally “Oh God, Help me,” or an occasional prayer memorized and said in unison with others. These are very valid prayers, but I have discovered that praying is so much more…..richer and fuller than that. 

    Praying is not just a begging of favors from God. It is an opportunity to put yourself in a peaceful place and to remember others or situations that might be in need of some positive energy, and a time to quiet your mind and listen for possible resolutions…to hear God speak to you in return. So many of us forget that part….that God will provide us with help and comfort, if we quiet our minds enough to actually receive it.

   During my “prayer journey” I have had other insights into the power that prayer can offer. I have realized that God’s world is perfect, and  If I don’t see it as such then it is my perspective or judgments that keep me from “seeing” that perfection. It is important to open your heart to the possibility that the “problem” or “issue” that you are praying about is essential to the spiritual growth and the fulfillment of someone’s “soul” purpose.

    I have also discovered that when I consciously pray for a specific situation or person two things happen…1.) I realize that I have an opportunity to hold that situation/person in a place where I can flood it with the energy of love and acceptance; and 2.) I remember that I am not alone in my own human frailties, and that if I can ask for, receive, and accept the thought that someone else is in trouble, not perfect, and deserving of God’s love and perfection, then I am worth of that same Grace.

    My heart is tender and open these days and I am apt to see things in a more generous and forgiving light. Those tears that are running down my cheeks? Awe in the face of God….