I wanted to write this yesterday, but I just couldn’t get my mind together enough to make sense of the moment that I had a greater understanding of things. But first I have a confession to make.

     I have long held the opinion that Satan and Hell did not exist. My belief has been that love (God) is all there is, except that there might be varying degrees of it. That what people label as “hell” is just our own self-imposed distance from God. That part of my belief, is still true (at least to me) yet there is more to that. This is a dualistic world and you can’t ignore that there is darkness in the world, just as there is light…that there is fear just as there is love…that there is stress just as there is peace. And that’s when my understanding occurred. 

     The devil is a sneaky bastard. In our world today….he comes to us…EACH of us….as  anger, fear, stress, self loathing, and all the dark and negative emotions that we experience, and Hell is the feeling of pain and loneliness we feel when we let ourselves be consumed by those negative emotions. EVERY time we feel angry…or afraid….or negative…we are allowing “Satan” to touch us. Our bodies tense. Our heart rates increase. Our blood pressure rises. We cut ourselves off from the flow of goodness and mercy that is our Divine birthright.  He creates dis-ease in us, and this disease will kill us eventually.

   There is Good News however. It doesn’t have to be this way. We have been given the power to make choices. We can–through meditation, prayer, music, etc.–calm our minds and spirits and learn to live in the present moment where Love, Peace, and Harmony exist within us. Awareness is the key. Be aware of when you are angry and fearful and stressed and know that YOU have the power to turn you back on the darkness and bask in the glow of the divine.