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     This time of year has always been difficult for me.  (Generally the holiday season is one where I make Ebenezer Scrooge look  “happy.”) For so many reasons, but the main things that break my heart at this time of year is losing my grandmother on Christmas eve almost 20 years ago, and my mother on New Years day 22 years ago. Last night was horrible. I just couldn’t get myself up out of that self pitying hole. 

    But God granted me some grace this morning. As I was lamenting in my journal about not having time to work our (moms and mine) relationship out, this thought came crawling through my consciousness: “Here’s the deal though, Jerene. In the eternal realm, it is already worked out. It was worked out before it even happened.” It was as if a lightening bolt had struck me. Of course! That is how the game of “life” is played.  The things of this world hurt, cause us grief,  damage our spirits….but we are only IN this world…we are not of the world. 

    My goal is to keep this thought. To hold it as the precious gift of grace that it is. And to face the New Year with a smile on my face and love in my heart.

Many blessings to you through this New  Year!