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    As part of my spiritual journey, I really wanted to learn the lessons of non-attachment and of impermanence. Things change. Life IS change, and in order for us to enjoy our lives, it is necessary to learn to let go of things. This is something that I have had a real difficult time learning. I am getting better, but I still wanted to do something that really demonstrated that I was learning to let go.  So, over the course of a couple of mornings, I created a piece of art. 


This morning, I destroyed that piece of art and set fire to it.


I burned some sage at the same time, to cleanse the energy of the room, because I thought it would be amazingly difficult to let go of something I had created, and it was. But I also experienced a sense of freedom….knowing that I would not be bound to this thing, even though it was something I had created. I may draw other things….and some of them may even be quite similar….but there will NEVER be this one piece again. And surprisingly….I am ok with that….