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     I am participating in the latest 21 Day Meditation Challenge from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey called “Desire and Destiny.”  This is not the first time I have participated in one of these, but as of this morning (Day 7) I may call this one the most life changing. 

     This morning, Deepak was guiding the meditation and gently getting us to examine the things that stand in our way of achieving our dreams.  Ah-ha! moment number 1 came when he asked “What are you really afraid of?” In my meditative state, the phrase “failure” entered my mind, and tears began to leak from my eyes, because I also realized it was just so much more than that. I put aside that thought process though, and brought myself back to my breath with the day’s mantra and continued on with the meditation.

     Afterwards, I got out my journal to do my morning pages and went back to the thought I had put aside. What I fear, failure, is only symptomatic of the real problem, which is a general feeling of inadequacy and worthlessness. My fear is that I will fail and THEY will be right. THEY being defined not just as my parents, but everyone who ever told me I wasn’t good enough…everyone who made me feel worthless….everyone who told me that I would never succeed…everyone who offered any kind of negative evaluation instead of words of encouragement….everyone who DIDN’T say…you can do it!

   And that is when I had my 2nd “AH-HA!” moment. What I was feeling…is not new…not unique…but I think  that we all experience in our lives a general lack of acceptance of who we really are. All of us, myself included, have expectations of the people around us. We constantly make judgements even when we outwardly proclaim that we are non-judgemental. What if we just dropped all that bullshit?

    What if we acknowledge that each of us…..in our most genuine authentic form….are all divinely innocent and created from a God who created us in HIS perfect image? Our inner-core of “godness” is our most authentic form, and shouldn’t we look for that in those around us? Accept them for that? Those things that we judge as “wrong” or “bad” or perhaps just “different” are really just those things of us that are human choices that we made as humans? That doesn’t change our inner core…who we are at our most authentic selves. 

   What if we started offering to each other words of kindness and encouragement? You can do it! You will make it through this. You are deeply loved and accepted.

   That just gave me goosebumps…because we each hold…within ourselves…the power to change things….

  We can do it!