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     I have been participating in the current 21 day meditation challenge by Deepak Chopra w/Oprah Winfrey. (More info about that here.) I find that the stillness of meditation opens the floodgates of my creative energy. Today’s meditation is entitled “Confident Me”, and in the space before the actual meditation, Dr. Chopra talks about how “..it is the nature of the sun to shine…it is the nature of stars to sparkle…” to encourage us to consider what  is the nature of humans. Is it our nature to believe that we are limited in the manner of our personal growth, or is it our nature to grow beyond our belief of ourselves? And how do we come to hold these beliefs about ourselves?

     This morning, after I completed the meditation, and did my morning pages, I listened to the meditation for a second time during my artwork time.  Somewhere within that 20 minute period, I came to a subtle knowing. I became an artist the day that my desire to create grew stronger than my belief that I was incapable of it. That “knowing” is no small thing for me. Without my ego even realizing it, I transcended the strong belief that I was not creative.( And,I have even said….that when God created Adam and breathed his own breath into him, that He (God) breathed creativity into all of us.  Today, within my own psyche, I have proof of that.)

    I believe that we have the power within us (God-power) to be whatever it is that we desire to be, but we have to BELIEVE it.