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     Once again, I have interrupted my regularly scheduled journaling, to blog. Sometimes, I just have to. When a thought, comes to me “out of the blue” or unexpectedly,  an aha! moment….I am convinced that it is of divine origin and that I should pay attention.

     This morning, in my pre-journaling rummage of facebook topics that might interest me, I saw a post about Boulder Colorado’s efforts to incorporate “green” energy sources and their struggle against  the power company. (That video may be seen here.) After watching the video, I totally supported their efforts and wondered how I could incorporate caring about something so important into my life. Having asked this question of myself, I went about my normal routine and opened my journal to write.  That’s when I got the “message.”

    It’s not about jumping on someone else’s bandwagon. It’s not about appearing as a person who cares about important things. It’s not about saving the planet. It’s not about being part of the majority. It’s not about any of those things. But what it IS about….is knowing myself. Knowing what is important to me. What matters to me. In a time where headlines….(BAD news)….appear instantaneously in our news feeds…where there is always someone hawking their own particular brand of what is important….where we are always bombarded with information….

What do I care about?

What DO I care about? And how can I live that?  Finding our own personal values and living our lives according to those values, is THE POINT. If it bothers us to see the world dependent on mid-eastern oil, then don’t buy gas from suppliers who get their oil there. If you think it is a shame that fast food places employ people who can’t make a life on the salary they make there, then don’t buy their products. And when someone makes fun of you for living your life according to your own values, just smile at them and keeping on doing what  you are doing. You don’t have to please them…but you DO have to live with yourself.

I think it is imperative that each of us spend some time….DAILY….just being with our own thoughts, thinking about what the quality of the lives we are living. We can change the our world by understanding ourselves and living our lives the best we can according to our own values.