” You know, God, life is just so confusing at times!  When I was younger, I was filled with self-doubt. Unsure of things. Searching for answers. I thought when I got older, I would become wiser, but here I am an old woman already and I am still searching.

Maybe I am overwhelmed by the world. I see people having children who have no idea how to raise them and care for them.  I am not judging them (well not harshly anyway) because God knows that I didn’t do such a hot job of it either. I see men and women so scarred by life that they don’t know how to heal themselves and move into the full potential of what they might become.

I see our government spread so thin, being involved in things that they shouldn’t be involved in, that it has become ripped and torn, abused and corrupted by men (and women) who have been scarred and left without morals. A government that is barely functional.

I see a misrepresentation of our world by a media run by those same scarred people who want to manipulate us to buy their own particular version of the truth. So much so, that most people don’t even have a clue to what the truth IS and have forgotten how to figure it out for themselves.

The problem….and the answer….is obviously  (to me) IN me. How can I change my perspective to see HOPE? What can I do in my life to push back the darkness and the negative energy?

I hear  you whispering to me God. I hear  you affirming the things that I am already doing. I hear you whispering ideas….I hear you….and I feel your love wrapping around me and comforting me..

I understand now that it is necessary to see the darkness, so that I don’t become so complacent and think that it doesn’t exist. I understand…that everyday I must get up and go into the world and SEARCH for beauty, and truth, and love….because it all exists in every thing that is created. That is the power and truth of creation. Because it is YOU, God.


A page from my art journal….