ImageI have been thinking about Music as Language for quite some time, but I am not the only one who has thought this. Others, such as  Bobby McFerrin and Victor Wooten have done movies and videos about this. (Victor Wooten’s video can be seen here and Bobby McFerrin’s movie is The Music Instinct: Science and Song.) 

I think it is more than that, though. I think music is one of the ways that God communicates with us. I am sure that many of us have  had the experience of having a piece of music, or some lyrics touch us in a way that we have difficulty putting words to,  yet we know without a doubt what that particular piece means to us. Or perhaps we have been searching for an answer or resolution to a problem, and we hear a piece of music and the answer is there. Some of us use music as  a meditation tool, to help us clear our minds.

The miracle of music is, that the same piece of music can mean different things to different people and touch them in totally unique ways.

I completed the above drawing this morning as a way of honoring the divinity of music.  I left the heart empty, to symbolize a pure heart and the spirals symbolize eternity. At the top of the drawing are two yellow/orange areas with music written on them. The music is actually part of the chorus of the gospel song “Trust and Obey.”  

The piece was inspired by a bit of a Rumi poem “We have fallen into that place where EVERYTHING is music.”