This morning, I was listening to a new playlist on Spotify that looked interesting. Graceful Passages. I thought it would be something nice and uplifting while I did my morning meditation and prayer time.


However, I got sidetracked by the very first track “Letting Yourself Be Loved.” I didn’t realize that it was the spoken word over music, and was very surprised at how powerful it was. The man who was talking said “The most painful thing is the forgetting that we have been loved.”  Truth resonated within me when I heard that.

For quite some time now, I have been writing as one of my daily affirmations “I am deeply loved”  as a way to remind myself every day that I have experienced that emotion and have had it returned. Somedays it is easy to forget that. So, as I was journaling this morning, I decided to make a list of people who have loved me. I came up with ten names right off the bat. My mother. My father. My brothers. My children. Various others. Some of those people I have (to myself) wrongly accused of not loving me.

But I realized this morning, that I have been erroneously judged the love that they have offered me. (For love is ALWAYS an offering.) I am the one who is keeping myself from the fullness of those gifts! When we give our love to another, it is done in the way we are capable of at that moment in time. That doesn’t mean it is any less that love. It is still love. So…who am I to judge the quality of that gift? This was a stunning revelation to my heart!

What if….what if in this Eternal moment of NOW….what if I could remember all the love I have forgotten? If every thing exists in this Eternal Moment of Now….then I am still deeply loved beyond my wildest imagination. My heart (and my eyes) overflowed with that love!

The end result…a haiku…(and a deep gratitude)

How do I forget….
The eternal moment NOW…
All the Love I’ve known?–jd 070513