I made a HUGE leap in growing up today. 

You would think that a woman who is working on her 60th year (thank you very much for THAT reminder, Wesley…) would already be grown up, and for all intents and purposes I am. But I think we all have those tender spots that retard us somewhat.

I forgave. Others yes….but more than that…myself. I’ve been letting something “break my heart” for a long LONG time now, and today I realized that I was the only one experiencing the pain. In examining the situation, I could see that I did not bear ALL the blame, and it was time to stop shouldering that burden. So I told myself  “Today I will stop breaking my heart.”  Once I announced that to the Universe, I felt much lighter. Happier. Able to stay in the moment for the rest of the afternoon.

And I can see the perfection in that situation now. Things have turned out EXACTLY as they should have, and for that I am grateful.

Good job, Jerene…..