I like Facebook.

There. I have said it.  Those of you who are on my “friends” list  there, already know that. Those of you who are my friends and aren’t on Facebook, probably don’t.

There seems to be some stigma attached to liking Facebook (if you are not a social media type of person). I hear disparaging remarks about Facebook all the time from people I know–all the way from “It’s a waste of time” to “It is the work of the Devil”. (Seriously.)

There is a great portion of the population, who use Facebook, and other social media networks at their main social connection to the rest of the world. It is the voice of those who have no family and live alone. It is the voice of those who cannot function in “normal” society–physically or otherwise. It is the voice of those who are home bound due to raising kids or perhaps some disability.

People just want to be heard. Everyone. That is a basic need for all people, and Facebook gives them the opportunity to do so.  The beauty of it is, that if you are confronted with other users who say things mean and hateful or use Facebook in a way that you do not support or agree with, you are in no way obligated to participate or support them. The privacy settings are such that you can block viewers from seeing your posts,  you do NOT have to accept every friend request, and you can decide who sees what posts on an individual post level.

Now that I have told you what Facebook can do from a “functional” level, let me tell you what it can do on a “personal” level:

–You can share the same love of a hobby or books with like-minded people all over the     world.

–You can renew friendships from your youth.

–You can observe your children’s lives from a distance and drop them a message in an instant.

 –You can encourage people and touch their lives with a few simple keystrokes.

–You can support people in their time of need and show them love in their moments of sorrow.

And the list goes on.

For those of you who think it is a waste of time, may I remind you that it is not for you to tell me what to do with my time. (And I say that with all  love and honesty.) For you that think it is the work of the Devil? For whatever reason you are judging that, the work of the Devil doesn’t need social media to be completed. (Look at you making those judgements…..)

Who’s life are you touching today?