Earlier this afternoon, a lady that I know posted a plea for ideas on how to let go of something. I didn’t answer right away because I wanted to organize my thoughts. I gave her a short answer, but really didn’t do the subject justice. But first…let me give you a little background…

   There was a time in my life, when I could NOT let things go. Someone would cut me off on the highway and it would ruin my ENTIRE day. I would have imaginary conversations with them where I called them every bad name I could think of.  They would be just so WRONG and I would be just so RIGHT. What I have learned is, that things are seldom that simple. People have bad days. I have bad days. People make wrong choices. I make wrong choices. People act irresponsibly. I act irresponsibly. What I saw in others, was just the reflection of my own self coming from the mirror of their soul.

     I came to realize that I was not the person I wanted people to think I was, and in order to become that person, I had to make changes.  I began reading and studying and trying to figure out what was the right thing. I started to meditate. Quieting the mind intentionally leads to being able to quiet the mind without thinking about it. And that’s what it takes. You have to learn how to quiet that voice in your head.

What is that voice? That voice….is your ego and is the compilation of every thing anyone has ever said to you or about you….GOOD AND BAD. It is the part of you that says you aren’t good enough….pretty enough….smart enough…talented enough….caring enough. But there is one important thing to remember…


Strip away that voice that is always telling you how wrong you are and what you have left is a divinely innocent creature, created through the power of love. Whose very nature IS love. Yet we let that “voice” rape our souls day in and day out until we believe we are something we are not. It is vital that we learn to silence that voice. It is not an easy task, but it can be done with proper diligence.  

When something is hurting us….or making us grieve, we need to teach ourselves to think of something else. Choose a different thought. Physically (if you can) get up and move to another room, or area. Play a more upbeat song on the stereo. Pick up a book that you love to read and lose yourself in it. Go bake a cake. Eat a muffin. WHATEVER. Think a more pleasant and loving thing. 

( 🙂 I just had a piece of a song come into my head….”Impossible! things are happening every day!”)

We might think it is impossible for us to let go of something….but it isn’t. It doesn’t always come easy, but it boils down to a simple choice: Do you want to be happy? Or unhappy?