redredroseI was sitting at my work area this morning, and writing in my journal as I do every morning. A special day to write. New Year’s Day. A time to review what came to pass and to contemplate the beginning of new things.

In my head, art and spirituality are two parts of a whole. At the beginning of 2012 I chose a word that I wanted to be “my word” for the year. An idea to express in my art and to explore in my life. The word I chose was “trust.” The act of choosing a word focuses your intention on it, and you begin to notice how the universe will present you with opportunities to learn and experience that thing. 2012 was full of such opportunities! By the end of the year, I was finding myself using the mantra “I trust you” as part of my internal conversation with the Universe. In retrospect, I see how that trust has brought me such a fulfillment of peace, and joy, and love!

This year, I have chosen the word “Serve.” As I was writing this morning, I thought the question, “How may I serve?” Immediately, I had an answer.  “Continue to do what you do, for you already serve.” Making art serves humanity in a great way! It is in the very act of creation, that the energy of creation is released into the world. Meditating and praying also serves the universe by adding to the energy of love and goodness in the world. Showing love and kindness to all you encounter  serves that energy.

Then another thought: Serving is just not about donating to a worthy cause, or giving things to those in need (although that is part of it.) I think that a better way to “serve” the Universe is to ask the question of ourselves BEFORE we act.  If I am rude to this person in the grocery store, How does that serve? (Not just the Universe, but myself. Is that the person I want to be???) If I  yell and scream and curse at the driver that just cut me off….how does that serve? (Am I at peace when I am screaming at them? Just what kind of energy am I putting out there?)

My goal, therefore, is to be aware of what I am. Who I am. The energy that I place into the Universe. May 2013 find me serving….peacefully….and lovingly….