Friday’s events in Sandy Hook CT have left most of the world in a state of sadness and hopelessness, But now is NOT the time to let ourselves wallow in despair. Here’s the thing though: We won’t find the answers outside of ourselves. You can’t legislate peace. You can’t blame someone else and expect peace to come. Each one of us needs to come to a place of peace and teach that to our children.

It is imperative that we give our babies the tools to be able to find that peace inside of themselves when their worlds turn chaotic by anger, bullying, violence, and all manner of emotion that would threaten to steal their peace. They need to know that the most precious commodity that they can ever own, is their own self esteem and sense of peace.  They need to know their own value and that the child sitting next to them is of equal value. That we are all a necessary part of the BIG picture, not the center of individual universes.

As adults, we need to know this as well. We struggle to make the money to provide the THINGS that we think our children need, or that we think we need. We turn the damn television on and watch the news because we think that it is important to know what is going on in the world.  We allow ourselves to become slaves to the ideal of keeping everyone else happy, when we can’t even find happiness within ourselves.  We don’t even spend enough time enjoying the world around us, this beautiful playground that we call Earth, which is full of strength and energy and can bring us  a boundless amount of physical and emotional well being.

Meditation, music, creativity, nature…. these are the tools each one of us needs to get to that place of peace inside ourselves.  It is NOT a selfish act to take the time to do what makes you at peace. That is how our children learn, by seeing  our own examples.  (When you are driving in the car and  you get angry and curse at the slow driver in front of your child, what do you think that is teaching your child?)

Teach them how to sit quietly and just breathe. It doesn’t have to be long to start with, but it should be done everyday.  Tell them we are going to just sit and “not think” and listen to our breath for one minute. When they become used to that, then increase the time by small increments. Help them understand that when they start feeling out of control or upset, that they can bring their thoughts back to that place of stillness and just breathe.

Sit with them with crayons, pencils and paper and make ART. Everyday. The act of creation will give them the knowledge to know that things can be done DIFFERENTLY and the power to know that they can DO IT.

It is not a quick cure. Giving yourself and your children the tools to make a different choice will, in the long run, be more beneficial than any amount of legislation. Please…..for our sakes…and your own…CHOOSE PEACE.  Let this senseless massacre of our children not be in vain.  Namaste’.