My favorite part of the holiday season, is Christmas eve and today I found myself anticipating that day. Usually by that time, the hype and the majority of the preparations for the holiday are over. After the church…the carols…the worship…there comes a “quiet” time that feels like we are standing on the edge of a great precipice. A stillness seems to settle in and we wait.

In that space between great cosmic breaths, we become one with the divine as we anticipate the arrival of a gift that has already been unwrapped and examined and  we are painfully aware of its perfection and our own imperfections.

At that moment, a peace comes, a great and wonderful knowing that even at our very WORST God finds us worthy of redemption.  Nothing is unforgivable, and the only thing He requires of us is believing. Knowing this touches me deeply and moves me to a place of tenderness that is beyond understanding.  Yet even then, a blessing comes in the  form of familiar liturgical words:

“May the Peace of God which passes all understanding Keep your heart and mind in the knowledge and love of God and His son, Jesus Christ.”

May you find that “peace that passes all understanding” this year, and carry it in your heart into the next ….