Having been born in 1954, I heard about this date in history every year it rolled around. My dad was in the Navy in the mid-1940’s although he was not stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. All of his brothers where in the Navy. Both of my mothers brothers were in the Navy. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese was a horrific and senseless attack on Americans on AMERICAN soil and lived in the memories of all of the Naval personnel (and, in truth, of all the military personnel of WWII) for all of their lives.

When I was in school, and dad would talk about it, I thought that it happened so long ago, a piece of “ancient history” and had nothing to do with me. Now that I am the age I am, I realize….that when I was in grade school and dad would talk it about it, it really had not been that far in the past…less than 20 years since its occurrence. There are whole generations of people who have no connection with that part of history, but yet the attack on America on Sept. 11, 2001 lives vividly in their minds. 9/11 was NOT the first terrorist attack on American soil, however, I do hope and pray that it will be the last. I just don’t want us to think that we are immune to such a thing.

My prayer for us and for future generations, is that we will find the PEACE within each of us individually. That such peace and trust in God and the universe will make us strong…but not foolish as to live unprepared.