During my meditation this morning….in the stillness and quiet of the wee hours….a word came to me. My “word” for 2013 will be Trust. I have known for quite some time that I have  trust issues, and today’s realization is that I don’t trust people because I don’t trust myself. They say that hindsight is 20/20 but hindsight is also has a way of focusing on the mistakes, when you see how you could have made a different choice….how it could have been different….what I should have done differently. And folks…that kind of thinking will destroy a person.

So how do you learn to trust yourself? I think that the answer is quite easy actually. Look at me. I am 58 years old and I still have a roof over my head, food to eat when I am hungry, love in my heart, and joy in the things I do. Of all the bad things that have (or could have) happened, I have a pretty good life. That ought to be proof enough. I think it behooves us to remove certain words from our vocabulary as well. Words like “can’t”,  “won’t”, “could have”,  and “should have.”

But there was a greater message in all of this. When you have a problem with someone….or something….and you want it resolved, the answer is NOT out there. The answer is IN there. All of the answers to all of our issues lies within us. If you are tired of the way someone is acting, you already know that you can’t change them, so you have to change YOURSELF. And it grows from there….any problem with your family….your friends….society….the world….all of those answers already EXIST…..but not outside of yourself. If you are worried about world hunger….what are YOU doing about it? If you are worried about the economy and what the future will bring….what are you doing about it for YOURSELF. If you are worried and concerned about world peace….what are YOU doing about bringing peace to yourself? All of those questions and problems have answers….but NOT outside…..look inside…

“BE the change you wish to see!”– Ghandi