I love late August. Summer is ending. Cooler weather is in the near future. And kids go back to school! Even at the age of 58 I love “back to school”. When I was a kid, back to school was exciting because you would get to see your friends everyday. Then when I was in high school, back to school meant hunky football players and marching bands. (Don’t be lulled into thinking that marching band guys are all nerds. Some of them are kinda hot too!!) Then after I had gotten married and had kids, back to school was great because …well as any mom can tell you….IT JUST IS.

I am not in school anymore, and neither are any of my children so  you might ask what I could possible find exciting about the back to school business. I am just getting to that…

Learning to live in the moment, and appreciating what occurs in each moment is a a HUGE blessing. As a creature of habit, I find myself getting behind the same school bus every morning. Most people would find that frustrating, I think, but I am not “most” people. One morning, as we stopped at a house, I noticed one of the girls on the bus staring at me. This happened a couple of days in a row, until one morning she looked at me and waved. I smiled and waved back at her. Just a little thing, but it was a connection made that lifted both of our spirits.

This morning, as we stopped to pick up a little boy at his stop, I noticed his mother waiting to see him get on the bus. A very pregnant mother. Not what I would say pretty, but in her simplicity….and adorned in her “motherhood” she was BEAUTIFUL.  She waited until he found his seat and then gave a little wave and smile to him. Her appearance in my morning felt like a blessing. A visit from a madonna as proof that the world still goes on and mother’s still love their children, and  I became teary-eyed in awe of such a holy moment.

Those are the kinds of things you MISS when you are planning your day as your drive. Or worrying about whats going to happen. Or being angry. Or …whatever. Seeing the value in each moment can bring unexpected miracles….