I was feeling a little wistful on the way home from work. It was raining lightly, but had been raining harder. I had my window down, and I could smell the rain. I love that smell and the way that the grass and fields smell when they have been rained on. Immediately, I was transported back 50+ years to my childhood.

Oh the summers were so HOT! And no one had air conditioning. At least no one in our neighborhood. Even on the hottest days we would play outside…usually on a blanket under the tree in our front yard. Somedays…when the heat and the humidity would get too much, it would rain. I loved that! Phil and I would go ask mom if we could play in the rain. Oh if I could just hear her voice say (one more time) “yes but not if it is lightening.” We would rush  take off our shoes and shirts and run outside.

Was there ever a feeling more wonderful in those days? Our hot, sweaty little bodies being cooled by the rain! Breathing deep the essence of that rain and smiling up at the sky in pure joy of being cool and wet!

And now all these years later…I still remember how that felt. I am soooo tempted….just to go outside….and raise my face to the sky….and thank God for the rain….

Oh yes I did….:)