I have been in LOVE with computers and the internet since I got my first exposure in 1995. Not so long ago, in some respects, but a lifetime away in others. Since that time, I have been involved in some form of social media. I started chatting that same year, and have never stopped.

GASP!!! The horror of it, you say????

Chat has gotten a real bad rap, and some of the reasons for that are very real and very horrific. Like anything else, you have to use your head about it and keep it in perspective. I have learned and observed so many things about human nature. I’ve made (and MET) some really great people, and some of them have remained long distance friends to this day. But the one thing I have observed about most people who chat is…they are dissatisfied and more often than not, lonely.

I have been there…and I know both of those feelings well. People go to chat to connect with other humans, and sometimes they do it in a way that is inappropriate and they know it is inappropriate, but they still do it anyway, because they can hide behind a nickname and no one will know who they really are. As if they could blame their actions and their words on some imaginary person. The truth of the matter is….you are real…..and when  you put that hurtful, angry, energy out into the universe…it is REAL…and will come right back to you making your own existence worse than you think it is.

There is a great need for kindness and gentleness in the world these days. I see it in chat, and I see it on Facebook and I am sure that it exists in other forms of social media. People hurt and are angry, and they lash out at each other. That only exacerbates things.

So let’s re-learn an old lesson: Don’t say anything if you can’t say something good. This is been the greatest lesson I have learned and has led me to a life of quiet peace and inner strength. Not every emotional thought that enters  your head needs to be expressed outwardly. If YOU want to stop hurting…then I suggest you stop putting hurtful energy into the universe. If you can’t be kind (and you can always be kind) then just KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. 

So sayeth Jerene.