I have been thinking about purpose alot lately. It seems everywhere that I go, someone is discussing their life’s purpose, or asking “What is your purpose in life?” And to be honest…I really don’t know. Well…DIDN’T know. The only thing I ever really wanted to be in life, was a wife and a mother, and I have done both of those things and wasn’t all that great at either one of them.

So…What is my purpose?

I wrote in my journal about this question this morning, and came up with a pretty amazing answer. (At least I think its amazing.) That restlessness….the emptiness that I feel…I think it is the loss that a soul feels when it is separated from its source. (Not that we are truly separate, but when we have our human experiece, it can feel like we are separate.) And that feeling of being separate from our source (God) is what creates those feelings of longing and restlessness…like something is missing in my life.

So…how can I soothe that emptiness? I think that is where my creative process comes into play, as a way to connect myself even more fully with my source.  When I commit my inner vision to paper or canvas….I share a bit of my divine relationship with those who observe it. Even if it remains unobserved, that divine energy is released into the world.

My purpose then….is to soothe my soul with an outpouring of divinity from my source. God…Love. And if it has no other value than that….then it is the most valuable thing that I have.

So, in gratitude…I go on….