Dear Me,

What a ride it has been, so far! There are so many things that I want to tell you! When I was your age, I had no experience with life…well limited experience, and all I could see was what I “wanted” and what I didn’t have. I didn’t think I was pretty. I didn’t think I was smart. I didn’t think I was “enough” of anything, which is a pretty sad state of affairs. And what you don’t know, is that those feelings will last quite a long time in your life.

But no more.

You don’t know this yet, but you are a Divine Creation. Made perfect in everyway. And everything that has happened to you….everything  you have done….every thought….has led you to me NOW. I know that you don’t see much of that as being good…or pleasant…or happy, and at the time  you were living it, it wasn’t. But everytime you got knocked down, you got up. Everytime. When people didn’t love you, did that stop you from loving them? No. You just kept on wearing your heart on your sleeve, and loved them.

What I really REALLY want you to know, is that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Not just outside…but inside as well. There is a divine fire in you that makes you shine, and those who can’t see that have scales over their eyes.  And to be honest, it won’t matter what “they” think in the long run. You have to know…KNOW…that you are the fulfillment of a divine inspiration, and that spark of divinity resides in you now…and will be fanned into a veritable FIRE in the future.

I love you, and I forgive you for not knowing any better.  Keep your chin up. Keep on loving, because that’s the only thing you CAN do. Love ANYWAY.

Your very BFF…..Me.