I am so grateful. The universe gave me a great truth this morning. Actually, it has been seeping into my consciousness for a few weeks now, but this morning it came to a full blown realization.

I choose to be alone. The very thing that I have feared the most…..and rebelled the most against in my life. I choose it. I seek it out. I do it to myself. I  don’t engage myself actively, in many relationships. But that isn’t the “heart” of my realization.  I have sort of known that for a while.

My great “truth” is that I now know, I don’t have to hate being that way.  I can embrace my alone-ness, because on some  level…I know that this is the way it is supposed to be. And that too, was my choice, made from a level of higher consciousness, in order to experience what my “soul” experience is for being on earth.

What a blessed life I have!