In the past few weeks there has been a change in the way I “art.” Since the beginning of the year, I have been involved in a year long art journaling project called “The Book of Days”. I was reluctant to join it at first, because I didn’t want to commit myself in ….ok let’s be perfectly honest here….I didn’t want to commit myself in FEAR OF FAILURE. (Ok. There I said it. I have commitment issues.) From some place inside of me, I had the desire to really do this, but I would do it on my terms. (Which is how we ALL live our lives! And if we don’t shame on us!)

I hadn’t expected it to be a spiritual place for me, but that is what it has become. The other “sisters” in the group are kind, and loving and VERY nurturing. And my art has blossomed….no…it has BLOOMED.
This is the first painting that I have done, that I have totally been in love with and came as a result of working in my art journal.

We also began two group projects: Prayer flags which we create and then pray over and send to the other group members; and a heart2heart program in which we create an original heart shaped art work to send to other group members who might be needing some encouragement, or a little extra “love.” The Heart2Heart program instantly made me addicted to creating the small hearts. So much so, that I was starting to be a little concerned about the rest of my art. This week, however, an amazing thing happened. This girl came along:

And I realized…that I had begun painting earlier in the mornings….before work….during my meditation time. That has not been a bad thing. The art has been an EXTENSION of my meditation, and I have been painting intuitively. My mind is still in its meditative state, and my hands are doing whatever the Creator wants them to do. This morning…..this came about…as I was moving a piece of watercolor paper that I had put some extra paint on from my palette:

She doesn’t look like much now…at least to most people….But I see a madonna and child in here, and she will be a joy to create. Thank you to THE MOST HIGH CREATOR for guiding my hands and spirit!