“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” –Albert Einstein

And thus begins my thought process about art…. I have been thinking lately alot about energy in relationship to art.  Upon viewing some of my art, a lady once said to me “Your art is so dark. It’s like you put all of the evil on the inside of you into your art.”  She was just joking, but there is a modicum of truth in what she says.

In my opinion, we are gifted with the ability to create, because we ARE created and the energy from our creation is imbued within every cell of our being. The energy of life…the things that happen to us everyday, or that we experience everyday, also effects  the way we create things. Some of us do this consciously, and some of us do it unconsciously, but we all do it.

Yesterday, I created this art journal page, and although it is not my favorite piece and seems a bit childish to me, I am satisfied with it.  Upon reflecting why, I realized that it is energetically balanced for me. The petals and stems of the flowers and under the grass, are torn pages from an old Bible. Lot’s of sacred, “light” energy there. Yet to balance it, I found myself outlining things in charcoal, to bring that energy of darkness to it. Balanced.

So, perhaps the lady was right. Maybe so many of my things are “dark” because it is how I express the darkness of life. Much better than carrying it around on the inside…..:) And I am feeling much more balanced these days…

Somedays the pull of creation is
very strong.
Her presence.
She sends out fibers
of harmony
To capture my heart
and lure me into
the very fabric of
Her canvas and
Allows my color to be
woven with yours…..–jd 3/27/12