A lady that I have known for a very long time shared some deeply personal stuff from her childhood with me this morning. The things she told me, made my soul feel battered and bruised for how she lived when she was a child, but it made me see her in a whole new light…with renewed understanding and love for her. After we got off the phone, I had to go shopping for groceries. I was still feeling rather down and saddened as I got the things I needed and headed for home. (Having to pay 3.59 a gallon for gas didn’t help my state of mind either.)

The Universe will send you comfort and encouragement when you need it the most, if you pay attention. The sight of vultures soaring high above the earth…can remind  you to keep your thoughts higher than the place you are now;  three bluebirds can remind you that there is beauty and color even in the darkest moments; a hawk in flight can remind you of strength in the midst of adversity; and blooming daffodils….will remind you that everything has its season…that out of the cold winter ground…springs hope for the coming warmth.

And this is my hope for all of us….
Dream of Angels and Sunshine….rivers of red wine…and orange peel blue…