As many of you are already aware, I write in my journal every morning. My routine is I write an entire page of things I am thankful for. Then I list the things that I wish to affirm in my life. Sometimes that is all I write, but many days I will record special things that happen, or my feelings on a specific subject.

This morning after I had written my affirmations, I began to write about yesterday evening. I was soaking in the bathtub, when it occurred to me, that I was truly happy. That I appreciated myself and was loving the person that I have become. (Don’t think that is egotistical, because that is something I have struggled with in my life.) It was just such an awesome feeling, and the feeling has carried over into this morning.

But as I was writing it, I found myself writing this:

“To all of those who I have clung to with suffocating bonds, (memories) I set you free. May light and love go with you on your journey, and may you create your life exactly as you wish it to be.”

I think it is important for all of us to realize that we create our own circumstances….our own lives, and we need to own up to that and take full responsibility. It is only when we realize that no one else truly has the power to make us suffer in our lives, that we can let go of that suffering. And when we let go of suffering, then we can experience the beauty of love that awaits us.