It is open war.

This morning as I was journaling, I found myself feeling more and more put upon by the way people “expect” you to behave. We are expected to believe so much absolute CRAP and then expected to be happy because we belong to that special group of CRAP believers.

No. Unequivocally. I will NOT believe everything that you “expect” me to believe. I will not buy into your brand of happy horse sh** just because you think you are right. You may be right, for all I know, but if you expect me to jump on your bandwagon without some thorough consideration on my part, you will be wrong.

I will NOT believe:

–that I am wrong just because I hold different beliefs than you do.
— in the infallibility of America.
— that skinny girls are more attractive than rounded ones.
— that just because you don’t appreciate my art, that I am not an artist.
— that not watching football is un-American.
–that I am wrong for responding differently than what you thought I would.
–that I am more loved by God than my gay friends.
–That love between any two people is WRONG.

I am ME. And I have a Brain to think these things through, and I resent being told by the media, or the government, or any PERSON how I should think or feel or be.

Love me…or love me not.