Maybe its time.

Time to start living with a purpose, other than just getting by with the least amount of trouble and heartache possible. The beginning of a brand new Year seems to beg for some purpose. Some direction. For the past few weeks, as the New Year loomed ever closer, I began to think of what I wanted out of life. For the past 13+ years I have just wanted to be “with” someone, and …not that I am letting go of that dream….but it is definately time to put it in perspective, because I have fallen into the trap that I swore that I would not do. Wait to be happy.

So in the thinking of these things, I thought I might pick a word that would set the tone for the year.

Time to start making those dreams come true! So…here are a few goals…or intentions if you will…that I am putting out in the universe to accomplish this year:

–to see my artwork juried by the Illinois Artisans Guild. ( I am good enough!)
–to work on a year long project that will involve artwork, poetry, and other things that define my life. With the end result being submitted to publication.
–to make a quilt JUST FOR ME.
–to be more loving and less judgemental.
–to drawer closer to the heart of God.

I can do it. I know I can.