On this “journey” of mine, I have encountered people who are more than willing to tell me the TRUTH. Yet, when I have heard this “truth” it didn’t seem like the “truth” to me. What I  failed to realize is  that when we present our truth to others, it is being not only filtered by our own personal history, but the personal history of the one hearing it. Therefore, we should be very careful about telling someone that they are wrong.

I believe our divine nature….will always recognize truth when presented with it. That’s when we say “it resonated with me” or “I just KNOW it is the truth.”  We long for the truth, but unless we expose ourselves to truth in different forms….from different perspectives…there is danger of falling into the “you are wrong” trap.

An example:

I was watching a video on You Tube by a lady who was “channeling” and she was talking about how to remain peaceful. Paraphrasing, she said you can not “fix” how you feel about something when you are in the middle of an emotional upheaval. In order to remain calm, and peaceful, and loving that you need to cultivate those habits BEFORE  you experience the incident.  I don’t necessarily believe that people can channel…but I do believe her message was right–that in order to remain calm, and peaceful, and loving, you have to cultivate those habits all the time. That resonated with me. That is part of my TRUTH.

Labeling people as wrong because their TRUTHS seem different than yours will only divide instead of unite. We are all in this TOGETHER. All created by ONE creator, and those of us who recognize our own divinity should be working to unite us all in one body. Educate yourself before you jump to the conclusion that someone else is wrong, for when we judge others we are pointing out our OWN inadequacy.