For those of you that know me….when it comes to Christmas, you might as well call me “Scrooge.” I have never been a big “Christmas” type of person. It has always been a time of great stress and disappointment, so for the past several years, I just try to down play the whole season.

I have experienced a Christmas miracle.
(Even though it was two days before Thanksgiving. )

On Tuesday of last week, my boss came into my office and asked if I had seen the Christmas tree since had been put it up and decorated  and I said yes. Then he asked ‘But have you seen it with the lights on?’ I hadn’t so we  walked into the sanctuary to look at the tree.  It was a cloudy, gloomy day and was fairly dark in the sanctuary so when he plugged in the lights it was absolutely beautiful. All gold and red and bright with lights…and I was struck by an intense longing to enjoy Christmas once again.

I went back to my office still thinking about Christmas, when it occurred to me that perhaps….perhaps I could like Christmas again…. but in order to do that, I would have to lay aside my thoughts and feelings of what Christmas has been and should be, and create a whole new “vision” of Christmas.

No more memories of disappointing Christmases. No more longing for Norman Rockwell like family gatherings. No more longing for someone to share the enjoyment of the holiday with. What can I make it mean to me?

It is quite simple really.

Just as  the birth of Jesus forever changed our relationship to God in the Holiest of ways, BY his birth, suffering, and subsequent, death on a cross…this is the time to take my ego out of the equation and celebrate what is truly important. Remembering and being grateful for the gift of that baby….and all of the gifts and angels that are brought into my life on a daily basis.

So this Christmas….there will be joy….and music…and love…and the contemplation that there are things in this world that are miraculous and wonderful to behold! And I….I am just grateful to belong.