“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”–Wayne Dyer

I have been working at changing my perspective lately. By daily affirming love and peace in my life, I have noticed that I start seeing those two things in almost everything I look at.

This morning, during my journal writing, I had quite the change in perspective…I saw my childhood and my youth from a perspective of love and peace this morning, and  finally…acceptance. Seeing my parents from a slightly more objective point of view, I see that their lives were not easy, and they struggled through making the best choices that they knew how to make, and I see myself having made the best choices that I knew how to make (at that time.)

The end result of this revelation this morning? One word…


For all of those involved, but mostly for myself.  And a vow to be kinder and gentler to the child I was….and the young adult I was….and the mother I was…and the person I am today. For if God can love me….surely I can…