I was   meditating  this morning, with the cd “Chakra Healing” by Dean Evenson playing.  The music helps to relax me and open myself up to the silence within me—as I quiet the incessant roar of my own thoughts.  This is where God’s peace and love comes quietly into me and does its healing.

As I was journaling after the meditation, I realized that music is one of the “voices” of God, a way He speaks to us.  It occurs to me then, that God probably speaks to us in many ways, most of which we don’t hear because we have such a narrow view of what those ways should be. If we have an expectation that God will only speak to us in a certain way, we are sure to miss something beautiful and sacred.

Meditation is a good way to still your mind and open yourself to receiving all ways that God can come to you, and by meditation, I don’t mean picking a verse of scripture and thinking about it, or getting down on your knees and praying. There is nothing wrong with those things, but  you can’t LISTEN if your mind is constantly grinding out thought after thought.

When I first began meditating, I was easily frustrated by it because I couldn’t stop thinking. I would concentrate on my breathing but then find my thoughts returning. What I have discovered though, is that meditating is something that you train yourself to do. Maybe just a few seconds at a time. A little longer next time. It doesn’t matter. You can quiet your mind and eventually it will come to you without struggle. I don’t sit and meditate for long periods of time, but I find that throughout the day I can be still and it is in that stillness that I feel God’s presence and  notice Him in the things around me…the beauty of the autumn palette and the strengthening energy of those ancient trees…..the tenderness of a Mother’s gentle hand on her newborn….the love of a wife for her husband as she hurries home to prepare his dinner. All of these things are messages from God, that there is beauty and love in the world.

But we have to stop….and be still…..and notice….