I was thinking about her last night.

My second grade teacher, Norma Daehn. I knew her long before she became my teacher. (Well, in a childs mind it was a long time.) My brother Phil, was hit by a car when he was a small child, and Mrs. Daehn, who was a young teacher at the time, came to our house to tutor him so that he wouldn’t get behind and could stay with his class. She VOLUNTEERED to do that. I adored her from the start. ( My parents adored her, too.) I can remember watching her from the front porch and thinking what a wonderful woman she was. I thought she was so beautiful. She had red hair and a strong jawline, but it was her wonderful personality that won my heart. I think if I heard her laugh in a crowd today, I would recognize it as being her. But she is no longer of this world, and hasn’t been for quite some time. When I got old enough to be in second grade, and she was my teacher, it was love all over again. She had two small children, and my mom baby sat for them for a while, so I would get to see her when she picked them up too. I remember once, after I was in second grade, but I don’t remember what grade I was in, I walked by Mrs. Daehn’s classroom on the way to the bus, and she bent down, and I kissed her cheek. Then ran to the bus. Kissing a teacher was NOT a pc thing to do in grade school, but I loved her so much, how could I pass up the chance?

I guess she was the first person that I ever wanted to be like.  Smart, funny, kind, and generous. After all these years, I still feel a great deal of love for her .

So, til we meet again Norma….((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))