If you look at what is going on in the world today,  you might be tempted to think that things are looking pretty bleak.  The news is constantly filled with tales of darkness: rising unemployment,  violence, hatred, a lack of respect for humanity….a world portrayed as dark and scary.  But I have news for you….the world is what you make of it.

I have been changing the world. My world.  And everyday, I am presented with validation that I am on the right path.   Along with my daily list of things I am grateful for, I have been adding a list of things that I want to affirm in the world. My top two items that I want to affirm everyday are: 1.) Peace is only a change of thought away; and 2.) Love is everywhere I look.  Basically, I am training myself  to look at things from a peaceful, and loving perspective.

And it is paying off.

Today, I took a vacation day.  I slept late. Finally got out of bed and made some yummy coffee. Watched a chick flick on television, and then decided to go do my shopping so that I wouldn’t have to do it tomorrow after work. I drove to the store and got what I needed. I hadn’t eaten yet, and it was around lunch time, so I thought I would stop at the Pizza Hut and have their buffet. (I can’t eat much pizza at a time because of the cheese on it. I am lactose intolerant, so being able to have a couple of pieces and a salad works well for me.)

Apparently, when I got out of my car, I dropped my keys and didn’t know it. A few minutes later,  I was sitting at my table reading and enjoying the pizza when a young man came in the restaurant and loudly asked “Did someone lose their keys?” I looked where I usually put my keys and they weren’t there, so I said “Oh! I guess that would be me!” He brought my keys to my table and I thanked him and he walked away.   In the past, something like this would totally distress me and  I would be beside myself. Not today. I was so moved with gratitude for what the young man had done, that I went to the counter and got my waitresses attention and asked her to put his lunch on my bill. She said ok. She went to their table and told them what I had done, and he was so grateful that I had done that, and I reminded him gently that it was because of HIS kindness, that I had done it.

After I paid, I left the restaurant and I was almost in tears because of such a POSITIVE and LOVING experience that it had been for all involved. And not once had I felt an ounce of stress.

This is how you change the world. Not with tanks and guns and politics and money, but one act of love and kindness at a time. That young man changed my world today, and hopefully I impacted his as well. Even the waitress…perhaps she was able to appreciate the kindness of both acts.

I choose to see a loving world and do what I can to keep it that way. One act of kindness at a time….