This morning, as in most mornings, I sat down to meditate. I turned on some chakra healing meditation music that I especially like because of the deep undertones to the music. It seems to resonate in me. I began to clear my mind, which is not always easy for me, when I had the thought that I should just surrender it all. I balked.

I always balk when it comes to surrendering, I just don’t like to let go of the control. But as I have noticed ALOT here lately, God sends me the one thought that helps. Surrendering does not mean you lose control. Actually it means you regain control by bringing yourself back into alignment with the person that God created when He created you.  The part of me that likes to have control, the ego part of me, has evolved from my life experiences, and may not be the best judge or have the best perspective.

My higher self….the divine part of me…which always has been and always will BE….(eternal)….has no need to judge. That part, my higher self, will always do what is the most kind and loving thing for me, because that part is of God. There is nothing to lose by surrendering, only to gain that which I pray for daily anyway!