The trouble with mirrors…is that they reflect back to you what you see if you look close enough. And…as I have hypothesized before…the Universe is made of mirror.

That’s what happened to me today. What I was seeing was reflected right back upon myself.  This morning while I was catching up on Facebook posts, I took note (and umbrage) of the use of the term “Demon-crats” as a response to a politcal post by a friend of mine. It struck me wrong on many levels (the least being I was raised in a Democratic family and am registered to vote as such.) The thing that stuck in my craw the most, though,  was that it labeled every person of a democratic nature into a negative light.  I learned in grade school that name calling was not nice, and thats just what it seemed to me.

I could not think of a kind a loving response to this, so I didn’t on that specific post, but I did send my friend a message saying that I was a little put off by it. My friend responded with a gentle reminder of “free speech” and  I realized perhaps that I was making a bigger issue of it that it really was. So I apologized, even though I was (am still) somewhat saddened by name calling.

All day this has been simmering in my head, until, as I was hanging  up the clean laundry, that it hit me. What I was seeing….was a reflection of my own shameless judgement and subsequent labeling of people who react or respond from a different perspective than I would. I am no better. The mirrored universe reflected back to me, my own inadequacy–sin, if you will.

Taking note that I was seeing my own “sin”, I can make peace with this, and let it go, and hope that I will remember THIS lesson learned.