It is early morning, and I woke up too soon and couldn’t go back to sleep, so my brain started to THINK. (Sometimes I hate it when it does that.) I took myself down a path that I shouldn’t have gone, and when I got there I said, “I am an idiot.”

I am NOT an idiot, but what I  am is unkind to myself. When I stripped away the illusions of what I had been thinking about, and saw the truth of the situation, and the truth was that the only person in the situation who was being unkind, and out of alignment with the the person I was created to be, was ME.

I know the person that I WANT to be and that person ALWAYS chooses peace, but I so often find myself choosing emotions that are not in alignment with that desire. (Giving myself a break now…at least now I am AWARE of what is causing the problem!)  Being in alignment with the person I want to be, requires me to remove my expectations and judgements about the behavior of others, and this is the hardest thing to accomplish. Yet, in doing so, I have judged myself and found myself lacking.

The face of unkindness is not on the body of someone else. It is on ME, and no matter what life brings to me, I cannot blame anyone else for my lack of peace or my stress. I can choose to judge the behaviors of others and find them right or wrong, or I can observe their behavior and observe my response to it and decide which response is the most loving and peaceful response, because I know that each one of us has to live with the consequences of our choices.

As part of my morning meditation/journaling routine, I have for sometime listed things that I am grateful for everyday. A month or so ago, I started listing daily affirmations too:

–Peace is never more than a different thought away.
–Love is everywhere I look.

Focusing my attention on what I want to see,  actually seems to draw it to me. Maybe it is just that I notice it more, but either way…it is a good thing 🙂