I have been on this journey called life for 57 years now. However, my intentional  quest for peace only began 13 years ago, and even then, it took a while to stop floundering and start focusing. (I say “intentional” because I think MOST of us want peace in our lives but have no idea how to achieve it.)

During these past 13 years or so, I have learned many things about myself and have had some really good teachers…even though I did not appreciate their “goodness” at the time, and it is only in retrospect that I can see how important it was for me to learn what they had to offer. Life is perfect in the way it plays out, and if we can’t see the perfection, it is only our perspective that keeps us from seeing it.

One of the most imporant lessons that I learned came from a Wayne Dyer quote, You are not the object of the experiencebut a silent observer within the experience itself.”  I thought about what this quote meant for a long time, and even had it posted in my cube at my job where I could see it everyday. Eventually, I started to internalize the message, and started to look at the experience from a more objective point of view, I could see that some things that I thought were about me, really weren’t. Which leads me to another Wayne Dyer quote,When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

The one thing that I am absolutely convinced of, is that God IS love, and that He loves each one of us intimately and equally. When I am tempted to judge the behavior of another, even though it might be very hurtful or harmful to me, I try to remember that God loves them, too, as much as He loves me. That He sees only their perfection, and even though I might not see the perfection in what hurts me, that does not mean that the perfection doesn’t exist.

I think I am getting much better at keeping my mouth closed when words of anger threaten to spew forth.(LOL)  And I am even achieving some success in keeping them from their repetitive litany inside of my head. Not everytime, but some of the time. Learning how to LET IT GO is the most difficult lesson of all!