I have suspected that I had the power. The power to change the world, and this afternoon I saw tangible evidence of it.

Some time ago, I started printing two 40% off coupons for Hobby Lobby everytime I planned to go there. I would use one…and then I would give one to a total stranger. A little thing. But one that made me extraordinarily happy every time I did it. I did it today, but gave one of the coupons to a coworker, so that when I actually went to the store, I only had one coupon. Even so, everything that I bought was on sale, so I couldn’t use the coupon I had. But don’t you know…the lady in the next aisle tapped me on the arm and said, “I have an extra 40% off coupon if you would like it.” I smiled and declined because everything I had was already on sale, but I thanked her for her kind offer and told her how pleased I was that she was making that effort.

Maybe I’m really not the one that started that, and it doesn’t matter. The fact is, that I have been trying to see the love in everything. Every person. Every small act of kindness. Every restraint of anger. Every time one little “good” thing happens…it increases the love in the world, and CHANGES THE WORLD.

Today…my world was changed by the very habit that I had started. If I can do it, so can you. And so can he. And so can she. Little by little…and that, folks, is how WE change the world….