I think it was a combination of things that started it. I awoke early to the sound of rain in the darkness, and after checking Facebook, found that my bosses daughter had her baby last night. A beautiful little girl. Combine those things with the imagery of the Earth Children’s books (by Jean Auel) that I have been reading, and my own vivid imagination, my thoughts went on a wild, chaotic ride this morning.

Maybe every mother feels her heart-strings pulled a bit at the arrival of a new baby in the world. Memories of my own children being born. In the Earth Children’s books, the river that the Cro-magnon people live near is referred to as “The Great Mother” who sustains life for all the people and animals, is reminiscent of the amniotic fluid that protects babies in their mothers womb, and gushes from a woman in preparation of the birth of that baby.

Thinking these thoughts with the sound of the rain dripping in the background, reminds me that life is all connected at some level, that it is somehow mysterious in how it all fits together as if it were woven from the same fabric. (Which, or course, it is.)

Then I began to think of the mystery. About how it could all be explained, so that some would say there is no mystery at all. Maybe the mystery is in our heads. In the way we think…and the magic each one of us can create…

I don’t really know if I have conveyed my thoughts….and to be quite blunt and honest, I am not sure if I care…but this is where I am this morning…in this mysterious world that I call LIFE.