I try not to rant anymore. It seldom changes things.

But this one has been building for a while. So much so, that if I don’t say something, I may very well explode.

Two Words.

Phone etiquette.

I guess they don’t teach this in school anymore, but they SHOULD. We have several generations of people suddenly thrust into a technological abundant generation who have a phone as an extra digit on their hand, but they have no idea how to be polite about it. So I have a few ideas.

If you call me:

–Speak a little slower than you do in normal conversation. It isn’t a race.
–Do NOT be chewing gum or eating when you are trying to talk to me.
–If you get another call while you are talking to me…a.) If this is a business call, do NOT ANSWER IT. b.) If this is a personal call DO NOT ANSWER IT but if you must answer it only be long enough to tell the other party you will call them right back.
–If this is a business call, do NOT waste my time on unnecessary details. Email me with them.
–If this is a sales call, I am sorry…but don’t bother, and if you decide to bother anyway, know that I am not trying to be rude, but my time is precious to me and don’t take offense if I thank you for calling and then hang up.

If I call you:
–Do NOT answer call waiting and make me wait. No exceptions. If you think it is important enough to take that call, then tell me you will call me back.
–If you tell me you will call me back, then CALL ME BACK.
–Do NOT talk to other ppl in the room when I am trying to talk to you. I won’t make much sense of the conversation that way. If you can’t talk at that moment, either a.) tell me that or b.) DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE.

–If you are on your cell phone in the check out line in front of me. Fine. At least pay enough attention to the cashier so that you don’t hold up the line.
–If you are shopping and chatting with your BFF on the phone and your children are running around making everyone crazy…HANG UP THE PHONE.
–If you come in to my office and decide you must make a phone call, please LEAVE my office to make the call.
–I don’t care if you text in my presence, but if I am talking to you, please try to make occasional eye contact with me.

Whew. I think I am done now.(But I don’t promise that I am.)

OH and don’t get me started about DRIVERS with cell phones…..