I begin most days with prayer and meditation, and then I write in my journal. When I first got serious about journaling, I wrote about every bad thing that had happened to ME or that I was feeling. Funny thing though, once I started combining the prayer and meditation with the journaling, the journaling became a part of the meditation. Some of my most enlightening moments have come as I committed them to paper. Many times, it is almost as if someone else was guiding my pen.

This morning, I received what is perhaps one of my best thoughts.

I was thinking about the man whose visitation I had attended on Tuesday. How I had gotten to know him, and how my thoughts about him had changed over time. In spite of his “human-ness” there were moments when his divinity radiated from him! As I was writing that down, I realized that he had lived out his divine purpose.

The gift of life comes to us through our Creator and we have been given the chance to experience just what we choose. What someone else does, or says, is not for me to judge or to internalize in someway because it has nothing to do with ME. We all choose what we say, what we do and we live our lives according to our own plan. That is the divine. Every person that we come in contact with is living out their “soul” purpose, and how we interact with them, the response to their lives, is part of our “soul” purpose. We can’t blame them….or want for them to change. If we don’t like the way we feel as a result of our interaction with them, then we MUST change the way we feel about it, and not expect them to change.

Each person that comes into our lives offers us a lesson of some sort. How we deal with that lesson is part of our “soul” purpose.