Today would have been her 101st birthday. My grandmother. My hero.

She took in peoples laundry for a living. I remember sitting at her feet coloring while she ironed. The smell of a freshly ironed shirt puts me right back there in time.

She canned vegetables to eat through the winter. Jars after jars of tomatoes, green beans, cabbage and the like. One of my favorite treats, would be when she would open a container of frozen strawberries and we would eat them still half frozen.

As she got older, there was a time when on Mondays, I would go to her house to help her fix a big lunch. My uncle, and my mom (sometimes) would be there. We would have just plain food, but it was always so good, and we would talk and laugh and just enjoy each other.

But the laughter is the thing I remember the most. I know she had a difficult life, but somehow, she always could laugh about something. Maybe that was her saving grace….and maybe it is mine as well.

I love you, Em….and miss you like the dickens….