I saw him this morning for the first time this season. I hadn’t been thinking about him, but as I was driving to work this morning, I saw that I had gotten to that section of road where his presence usually makes itself known. As I recognized where I was saw his “kids” standing by the side of the road, a thrill of anticipation ran through me.

‘Alright!’ I thought. I looked for him, and at first didn’t see him, but as I got closer to his “kids” I noticed him crouched low to the ground, his muscles tensed in anticipation at my approach.

The dog. Black and gray. Not a good looking dog by any means, but my heart thrilled at seeing him again. As I pulled up next to him, he unleashed the energy he had pent up and began the chase.

With a mighty “Yeeeeeeeeeeehhawwwwww!” at the top of my lungs, it was on! And as usual, I won. Car beats beast in that battle every time! I glanced in my rear view mirror to see him return to his position with his “kids.” He will wait there with them until they board the bus, and then he will trot back up to his house.

This encounter with man’s best friend marks the changing of the season for me, as much as the big yellow bus does for children. I am reassured by his constancy, and dread the day when he no longer appears there in the morning.

And he doesn’t even know how much I love him….