Ok, maybe not a FUNNY thing…but something really curious thing has happened on Facebook lately. I noticed it last week when some of the people on my friends list started posting things to a group representing the town that they grew up in, and then yesterday…one appeared for the town I grew up in.

BOOM! The page took off! Post after post of memories. Some of the people I remember from school. Some I “almost” remember, meaning their names are familiar to me but I can’t place a memory. Some of them, are children of people that I have memories of. Some of them I think are total strangers to me. Yet, somehow, we are all bound together by memories of a place that we inhabited. A “virtual” community of people who have the capacity to make the world a smaller place than it has ever been.

I have high hopes for this sort of thing. Hopes that we can all maintain our dignity and respect for each other; that maybe some of the things that “haunt” us can be laid to rest; and that we can keep the spirit of small town life alive and well in a world that doesn’t encourage that.

Kudos to those that have started this ball rolling and prayers that it might be a safe enjoyable trip for all of us.