This morning before I went to work, I was browsing my facebook page and drinking my coffee, my normal morning routine, when I came across a post from a very nice lady, who was sharing her disappointment in the outcome of something that had occurred in her life that didn’t turn out as she had thought it would.  I totally understood how she felt, because I had been through similar experiences myself.  That post led me to start a thought  process about what influences our state of being.

I have (in the past and sometimes even in the very NEAR past) let people and experiences effect my sense of happiness and well being.  My “self” has been indignant, self righteous, angry, hurt,  jealous….all of those negative emotions that seem to come so easily. I recognize that this “self”….or ego if you will…is not my AUTHENTIC self. My authentic self, which was created by a higher power (no matter what you refer to that power as) knows only goodness and love.  Personally, I believe that God IS love….and therefore if I am created in His image, my authentic self is Love manifested.

I have been conciously trying to take the things in my life that spark those negative emotions, and recognize that they are illusions because they come from my ego and not my authentic self. (Here comes the moment of clarity….)

I don’t think it is enough to recognize that the negative emotions are illusions, but that the keyword is emotions period.  Happiness, peace, joy…..those are states of being. When outside sources bring you those same feelings, those are emotions, and are only temporary.  My goal therefore, is to reside in a state of peace, and joy no matter what is going on, recognizing what is emotion…and what is a state of being.

I think it is ok to feel those emotions when someone has done something that has made you feel good….or even made you feel bad…but to recognize that those “feelings” are just that….feelings and not part of the “real” you. “This, too, shall pass” can also represent those times we are flying high as a result of some external influence.  Know what is AUTHENTIC.